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What kind of paint do you use?
My go-to brands of gouache are Da Vinci & Holbein Acryla; my favorite acrylic to work with is Liquitex Heavy Body.

Where can I find prints of your work?
I have prints of some pieces here in my shop – and am happy to do custom prints of pieces you may not see for sale there.

Do you sell any of your work wholesale?
Yes! I currently sell cards, posters, prints, tote bags, postcards & patches wholesale. Click here to see a list of retailers that currently carry my work along with a contact form to request wholesale info.

Do you license any of your illustrations for products?
I'm always open to discussing new licencing opportunities. If you have a project in mind that you’d like a licensing quote for, please email me with the following info: 1) what piece you’re interested in, 2) what product or context the piece would be used for, 3) how many units will be printed/distributed and 4) the expected retail price for that product.

Do you donate products to environmental organizations/events/fundraisers/auctions?
While I wish I could donate prints & products to every group that gets in touch with me, it's not something I'm able to do very often being such a small business. As these requests are almost always for, "Plant These to Help Save Bees," prints, I have added an affordable option for mini prints - which you can find here in my Etsy shop.


Can I post your work on my blog/social media site?
Yes! I just ask that you please post the original file (not altered or cropped) and link back to this website or my shop so your viewers know the original source.

Can I print your work in my newsletter/brochure/magazine for free?
I am unable to grant permission to anyone to print my work for free. If you'd like an estimate for a licensing fee to print one of my illustrations, please feel free to email me.

Can I print and distribute one of your illustrations without asking or paying you?
Nope definitely not. Thanks anyhow.

How can I protect the copyrights to my work?
After dealing with many instances of copyright infringement myself, I put together some info on protecting your work and ways to deal with infringement issues, which you can find here as a blog post. One of the most important steps listed there is to register the copyright to your work through the US Copyright Office, which you can do online here

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