ecomaine mural

Psyched to share some photos of my latest project: this painted recycling container! A couple of months ago, my design was chosen as one of the winning entries for ecomaine’s 2019 Recycling is a Work of Art contest. In brainstorming how to illustrate their theme of, “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in Maine,” I landed on the idea of up-cycling old items as planters for pollinators. Sketching some different layouts, I chose a pattern design - consisting of planters, pollinators, and earth-friendly symbols repeated on each side.

ecomaine_web res_1.png
process photos ecomaine web res.jpg

This was by far the largest-scale project I have ever done - but luckily I had the perfect place to work on it (outside my dad’s paint shop) and plenty of time. Spring weather in Maine is pretty unpredictable but I got some excellent sunny days!

process shot sunflowers web res 72.jpg
ecomaine_web res_2.png
ecomaine_web res_5.png
ecomaine_web res_7.png
ecomaine_web res_4.png

The container will be picked up at the end of this week and I’m excited to see where it goes! For local Mainers wanting to find out more about ecomaine, you can read about them here, check out their Recyclopedia here and see a list of their Recycling Drop Off Locations here.

ecomaine_web res_3.png